circus copertina 1


The Circus building comes from the deep restructuring of the old infrastructure “Circus Arts National School”, in order to comply to the stardards.

Completely renewed and enhanced, it consists of a central body where the rooms are located, 2 dance halls, 1 small weight room, 1 meeting room and bar.

The restaurant to join breakfast, lunch and dinner is located next to Circus, at about 30 mt, and is not equipped for celiacs

The dining restaurant for lunch and dinner is located on the ground floor and is not equipped for celiacs.

There is a large gym between the central building and the West Park:  the Circus gym (600 square meters), open all year round; it is the venue for acrobatic national team training sessions.

The Circus is open all year long as it has a heating system. It is therefore ideal for sports, parish, youth and artistic / cultural groups, as well as for school and tourist trips.


Circus offers


  • Rooms with bathroom and shower
  • Garden with Gazebo
  • Beach 80 meters away
  • Restaurant
  • Bar


  • Billiards (at Oasi)
  • Table tennis
  • Beach Volleyball Camp (at Oasi)
  • Bocce Field (at Oasi)
  • 2 sets of elastic trampolines (4 trampolines x each set)
  • Beach Tennis and Beach Soccer Fields are available at the seaside resort adjacent to Villa Celeste (managed by an external organization)


  • Specialized gyms and dance halls reserved for affiliated athletes (not open to private people)
  • Weight Room
  • Swimming pool (at Accademia)
  • Pool changing rooms
  • Outdoor showers and toilets
  • Meeting room
  • Private beach with umbrella and 2 sun loungers per room
  • Infirmary and doctor in the evening (at Oasi)
  • Restaurant NOT equipped for Celiacs